Shark Fishing Charters

Florida Keys shark fishing is an experience like no other!

Fishing for shark in the Florida Keys is a blast! It’s an up close and personal experience. We use light tackle from 10 pound line class spin gear to 30 pound line class stand up conventional tackle. It just depends on the size of the sharks that you want to go toe to toe with.

We will sight fish for the sharks on a knee deep flat, that has clear water for sharks that can range from small 5 to 10 pound Bonnet heads and Lemons up to some nasty, in your face 200 pound plus Bulls.

Many sharks will be caught by drifting fresh caught ladyfish and jacks in deeper basins and channels. These are the BIG BOYS, big bait = big sharks! Bulls, Lemons, Blacktips, and Spinners roam the channels looking to put some smack down on hapless anglers. This is stand up fishing with an attitude, no fighting chairs here, just you and a shark on the other end of the line peeling out 200 yards of drag! Like I said, toe to toe fishing here, bring your big boy pants for this fishing.

Afterward, we can tone it down a wee bit and look for snook, reds, and sea trout in the same backcountry waters.