Redfish, Snook & Trout

The 3 most sought-after shallow water game fish in Florida

There are 3 fish that every flats fishing angler has on their bucket list. Redfish, snook, and speckled sea trout.

Our shallow flats offer some of the best fishing for redfish, snook, and trout in the entire world and we can fish for them year ’round. Whether you are an experienced saltwater fisherman, a novice, or just looking for a great time fishing in the Florida Keys our Redfish, snook, and Trout adventure will be an exciting trip for you.

These fish roam the grass flats, beaches,, creeks of the Florida Keys and with any decent tide movement, are very willing to pick a fight with you on our charters.

Snook are known for their drag screaming runs. Redfish are famous for being bulldog type fighters, and trout are known for being excellent table fare and their awesome topwater strikes. No matter your skill level, this is a Florida Keys adventure that shouldn’t be missed!