Florida Keys Family Fishing Time

This time of the year the vast majority of the charter business is made up of families down enjoying spring break. The boats leaving the docks look like school buses, loads of smiling kids and parents headed out to play. This is what I call the “short attention span crowd” and I mean it in a kind way. The object of these trips with loads of kids is to hook up fish early and often throughout the whole trip. Nothing fits the bill like a good Sea trout bite or a red-hot Snapper loaded patch reef. The Trout action is hot and heavy right now and these fish are big eaters! Both live and artificial baits will bring on whopper strikes and fish! The Trout today averaged 18 inches in length and just over 2 lbs. Kids of all ages love keeping the fishing pole bent over and these fish are glad to help. Along the way all of the guides are reporting that with the Trout there is an abundance of Jacks and Ladyfish mixed in the keep the action hot. Most charters during this time of the year are half day , four hour trips then its back to the dock so the family can continue with their spring vacation here in the Florida Keys.