Big Jack attack!

Today was a day of change. The morning started out blowing cold out of the North at about 20 mph, as the day wore on the winds dropped out to the low teens. By 2:30 PM the seas were just about flat calm. The offshore boys had a hard time finding Ballyhoo, the preferred bait here in the Keys, once they had bait the Kingfish bite took off in 150 to 200 ft of water. The crew of the charter boat “Reef Runner”, with Capt. Paul Johnson at the helm, found these speedy fish in the 15 to 25 lb range. The crew of the “Gold Reserve” limited out as well and put together a great bite of hard fighting Bonito throughout the day. I found a huge school of Jack Crevalle on the shallow shoals of Alligator Reef and my anglers were able to land several of these brutes using topwater lures and 10 lb spin gear. Jacks are underrated as a game fish due to the fact that they will eat anything you throw them, yet they are one of the toughest fish that you will ever fight! These fish averaged 25 lbs and took nearly 20 minutes each to land. The Everglades waters warmed a bit this afternoon and Redfish, Blackdrum and Trout showed up for guides working with live shrimp and jigs. The cold water won’t affect the Reds and Drum that much but Snook and Tarpon have been hard to find as of late. If this warm weather that the weather boys are talking about comes soon this fish will show up hungry.